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    Same girl

    Despite the fact I continually misspell the name of the street (Dagget) chowgo and I saw the same girl.

    Only he saw her first, and I think they change name so much it almost doesn't matter.

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    Alexa spa on ronson rd

    Well as we have been off-line for a while we have some catching up to do.

    One of my new discoveries that I'm quite happy with is this place located on in industrial office park at the end of Ransom Road almost to where the Walmart shopping plaza.

    It's a $60 an hour 40 a half hour massage that's very good and gives an HJ , there's two pretty regular girls there and other ones come and go but overall the quality of service in the environment is very nice.

    Besides the cleanliness and aesthetics of the place, what I really like is the locked doors and sense of privacy you get.

    You have to walk up and ring the buzzer to have somebody come let You in and when you're in a massage session the doors closed so it's a quiet area with good parking and a sense of security.

    I've had massages by both Alyssa and candy. Each one of those girls has her own appeal. But each one will treat you like a king and very attentive to your needs

    Candy is very friendly and nice well shaped girl with a solid set of D cup boobs. Alyssa is very demure and she's got a J lo ass and just looks damn sexy, but very soft-spoken polite Chinese.

    Both of these girls are pretty awesome in their own ways both are good options if you're looking for a good massage and a good sensual finish.

    For me it's been only over the clothes touching and an HJ but if you're respectful and nice I think you'll find this a really pleasant experience.

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    New girl at Daggat

    Place on Daggat st, next to a used car lot, just walk through the lobby to where you see the massage neon sign.

    New girl, Sara.

    Slender but nice looking, has small breasts, very quiet didn't make a lot of eye contact with me, she has nonexistent English skills but a nice smile and willingness to please. She was wearing a long blouse dress with some cotton drawstring pants, as I went to lay down on the table I gave her a hug and ran my hands over her small chest feeling that she didn't have a bra but I noticed her shudder (she's very sensitive) as I gently ran my fingers over her breast. I could feel her nipples harden as I I ran my fingers softly over them.

    As I was face down, she started with dry pressure rubbing on my back and shoulders, Her massage technique was pretty good her pressure was a little light for me but a decent massage skills. After a few minutes I started running my hands up and down her leg a little bit and she would shudder and eventually she clamped down on my legs and started grinding and moaning softly.

    I took this is a really good sign and turned over and started running my hands over the front of her crotch and slowly pulled her pants down she was literally shaking and started moaning just from the touch on the outside. I think she was one of those girls normally gets very excited and doesn't let it show. She clenched her teeth to keep quiet so I just decided that she needed a good thorough relaxation and proceeded to start licking on her pussy.

    Her mild shuttering before turned into full-blown moans and you could see her almost jump like an electric spark came across my tongue to her pussy. This is by far the most intense reaction I've seen from a massage girl, you could literally feel her rolling around in intense excitement. After a few minutes of DATY, I lifted her up and slowly entered her by sitting on the edge of the bed and lifting her up and putting her down on my intensely hard cock. All of the excitement she was giving off really made it a relief when I finally got inside of her and started slowly pumping her as I looked into her eyes and continued to fill her up, you could just see her eyes roll back in her head and she tried hard not to moan as we started slapping our bodies together, up-and-down motion as I looked at her face to face.

    She was very tight but you could just feel that every movement was causing her a strong sensation, we kept up a steady pace until I finally finished on top missionary.

    We were both covered with sweat we been at it a long steady time, The manager came by to check on us because we went over on time. Because of the language barrier I asked the manager to bring hot towels in so she came in and talked to me while the new girl was cleaning me off.

    Over on amazing experience 60 to the house in 140 tip.

    Definitely worth repeating.

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    V Spa Report

    Went to V Spa in an afternoon. Asked for QQ (Thanks for ChowGow's suggestion about decent massage techniques). She turned out to be the manager. 5'5 and close to 40's. She indeed gave a very good massage, and very sweet. Initially, I voted for half an hour, but after several minutes of her massage, I bumped it up to an hour. Allowing touching freely. I asked for CBJ, and she took care of the business. Definitely will repeat!

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    Dagget Chinese Treasure

    Dagget at 7990 has a new petite cutie named Lisa. Be pre-warned, she hardly speaks any English, but is very sweet and adorably shy. Wearing a tiny summer dress, I find her cuter than the average AMP tramp, with short hair in a little ponytail, can pass for late 20's to 30's, petite 5'3 ish, all natural 32-B's and though not a spinner a nice figure IMO. She provides a weak massage, but if you like Swedish you will find her touch nice and relaxing.

    It was very hard to communicate with her as she would constantly speak in Chinese as if I could understand her any more than she could understand my English. So we just smiled at each other, assuring each that whatever was being said, all is okay. During the massage, there was no teasing and I avoided any touchy-feely, enjoying her touch until the flip. I covered my privates with the towel waiting for her to reach under for little brother. Again no teasing though she continued with a head to toe massage including a nice scalp massage.

    She then spoke in Chinese which I had no idea what she said, but I slowly got off the massage table, smiled and looked her in the eyes. She shied away in an innocent schoolgirl manner as I lightly slid my hands along her arms. I gave her dress a gentle tug up, signaling to take off and she obliged. Wearing nothing but black lace panties underneath, she covered her breasts with her hands while looking down, as if it was the first time being naked in front of a man. I noticed slight scarring in her midsection, probably from childbirth, but nothing that obvious. Overall a lovely looking nymph.

    I slid a hand between her legs, gently working through her fingers which were failing to block me from feeling her warm moist pussy as she let out a soft moan. As I stroked her pussy feeling her wetness increase, I slid my other hand towards her breasts, caressing her side. She seemed embarrassed of me touching her breasts, keeping them covered with her hands while turning her head and body slightly away. It reminded me of my first time with my High School girlfriend. I gently moved her hands away from her breasts and kissed her nipples as she shook slightly while emitting soft moans.

    I picked her up and lay her on the massage table, continuing to play with her pussy while admiring this little China doll as she continually moaned, along with her expressions of ecstasy. I placed her hand on my little brother and she began stroking it with the same rhythm I finger fucked her dripping wet pussy. She acted as if she was already having multiple orgasms, but I was just getting her warmed up.

    I climbed up on the table for standard mish and she spread her legs high to the sky as I slid my cock up and down her slit to her sounds of pleasure. I gently slid into her little by little increasing my penetration with every other pump. As she squirmed and rocked her head from side to side I asked if she was okay, realizing she doesn't understand me, I backed off. She grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands pulling me all the way back in, to her sounds of pleasure, so I took that as she is okay.

    Took this little China doll around the world and back, against the wall, on the couch, you name it and she embraced all of it while seemingly having multiple orgasms. She would embrace me tightly with her arms, hands and legs while kissing DFK like long lost loves rediscoving each other. She has the sweetest tasting pussy I've had in a while. I've got to admit I really enjoyed fucking this little Chinese nymphet as she reminded me of being with a virgin. In conclusion, Lisa is a cutie pie, very flexible, accommodating to all positions, can take a pounding and really seems to get into it. I prefer the first room on the right as it has a couch which I take full advantage of.

    Dagget has finally gotten a real treasure it's been lacking for too long. Please treat this Chinese treasure right.

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    May quickies

    Been visiting my tried and true FS favs while this site has been down and here's the latest lineup. . .

    Note: I do 1-hr minimum and only remark on massage skills if worth mentioning. Proper grooming, respect, better than standard tip and most will provide better than standard service. Haggling = Rolling the dice in service, so if you must, I suggest cutting your losses and walk away if your MT expects more than you are comfortable with. Tip very well and expect even better service on repeat. As always YMMV. Highly recommended I flagged with an asterisk*.

    Rosecrans: Has a standing shower. Mina, Cute, late 20's early 30's, 5'2 ish, nice body with enhanced tits (Would be so much better if all natural IMO), not as flexible as I prefer, can take a pounding, shorted time a little. Lisa, posted a report on her in April. Review my old posts for that report.

    Ronson: Has a standing shower. Chloe*, Cute, sweet, 20's early 30's, 5'4 ish, nice body with nice enhanced tits, very accommodating and very vocal, can take a pounding and likes it. Jessica* She's back! Well reviewed on this site.

    A Spa: Fei Fei, cute, petite 5'ish, super sweet, very accommodating, all natural, can take a pounding. Clean (Formerly from V Spa) Review my old posts for that report.

    V Spa: Standing shower now available! Jessica, late 20's early 30's, 5'5 ish, semi-cute, sweet, all natural, accommodating to all my positions, can take a good pounding. *Apple, She's back. A little baby fat, but well reviewed on this site. Yanyan, 20's early 30's, kindah cute, all natural, a little baby fat, GREAT natural tits, accommodating, can take a pounding, not as personal as the other gals and may blatantly fake her moans and groans, but did I mention her GREAT tits? QQ, petite, slightly stocky little cutie. Super sweet, physique similar to a gymnast, can give a strong massage with decent technique, very accommodating and can take a good pounding. Maggie (Goes by multiple names), total MILF, very sweet, good massage, HJ only and selective on how much touchy-feely allowed.

    Please treat these gals well and enjoy!

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    Welcome back USASG!

    Admins. . . Is there any reason you have not referenced this new URL on the old one?

    We wanted to do a soft open to see if there are issues. We will be putting in a redirect soon


    To my fellow mongers and AMP operators, BedPage dot com is a decent alternative to the old BackPage.

    - Performance is slow, lacks search, but you will see many familiar ads from BP.

    - For posters / advertisers, payment is somewhat convoluted but better than nothing.

    - Does anyone else have other recommendations?

    Looking forward to reading and sharing info since this site has been down as well as new ones!

    Be safe and happy hunting! CG.

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    Same username

    Quote Originally Posted by DogRice  [View Original Post]
    I did pay RubMaps after USA was down several weeks ago, and I think it has good info. However, some reviews are questionable. It is good that it is back.
    If anyone's interested I have reviews on rub maps under the same username.

    So if you want to head and paid for the membership there is information out there to share.

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    Yes, good to have this back. And good to have you back, BlueSkyeBlue!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSkyBlue  [View Original Post]
    I just found out this place was back up and running.

    Rub maps has a lot of BS reviews that are fake.

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    I was and still on rubmaps

    Quote Originally Posted by DogRice  [View Original Post]
    I did pay RubMaps after USA was down several weeks ago, and I think it has good info. However, some reviews are questionable. It is good that it is back.
    I just found out this place was back up and running.

    Rub maps has a lot of BS reviews that are fake.

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    I did pay RubMaps after USA was down several weeks ago, and I think it has good info. However, some reviews are questionable. It is good that it is back.

    Quote Originally Posted by ZooGuy1959  [View Original Post]
    Just curious. Thanks for any information.

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    Senior Member

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZooGuy1959  [View Original Post]
    Just curious. Thanks for any information.
    Yep, guess I'm Out some money.

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    RubMaps: anyone pay for premium membership?

    Just curious. Thanks for any information.

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    Golden Touch

    Quote Originally Posted by JustTryinAHelp  [View Original Post]
    I'm curious about this one as well. I saw it on my way to AutoZone. Looks clean. Used to be a dentist office I think. Any reports on this one?
    Went there last week around 1030am. Walked in and there was a late 20's and late 40's Chinese girls there both petite. Asked for time and I said 30 and she laughed. I was like, WTF!. Laid down, no towel. She came in and put a blanket over me and begin massage. Massage was nothing to write home about. Little bit of teasing, then the flip. She asked if it was ok to touch. Of course I said OK. I taught her how I liked my HE. She's a quick learner. All touching OTC but I could have gone under. The longer she went, the more she got into it. She must have been impressed by how long it took to finish me because it seemed like she wanted to kiss when I left. Just like every guy here, I'm extremely good looking. .4 for half, . 4 for tip. I will be back. If you have any questions, PM me.

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    South Bay assessment

    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckii  [View Original Post]
    I have come to the conclusion that there are no good parlors in Chula Vista unless you wanted to be rubbed by old Asian ladies. I would rather take a drive up north for younger and hotter ladies that may offer FS.
    I'd say that's pretty accurate. I don't necessarily dislike the older gals if the performance / massage is good, but it seems to be hit and miss dowm here.

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